• About

    I am a novice photographer with a passion for creatively capturing decay on film.
    All photos shown here were taken with my Minolta Maxxum 7000 on Kodak Gold 35mm film and are not digitally altered except for those with an asterisk * which have been colour corrected, normally just to add a bit more contrast.

    Prints can be purchased and will be developed from the original negatives so the photos are in their truest state. Thank you for visiting and enjoying my photos.
    I also sell my photos on canvas. The process used to transfer the photos creates a unique finished product each time as they are transferred by hand. This method creates slightly ragged edges and the occasional small bubble or bit of canvas show through. This slight bit of imperfection is not a mistake or anything wrong, but rather part of the esthetic of my work. You can buy my prints online on ETSY as well as vintage cameras!